About Us

Searay is a leading Australian jewellery wholesaler with a strong reputation for high quality designs and reliability. Since the late 80s, we have been supplying our extensive range to all great jewellers in Australia and New Zealand. 

Our Story

Searay’s humble beginning dates back to late 80s’, when our co-founder Ron met up with some friends from Tuscany, Italy who worked in the exporting industry. Ron expressed his interest in importing Italian gold chain, and together, they began to export/import both 9k and 18k Italian made chain into Australia. Searay went on to support all independent and boutique jewellers Australia-wide.

Fast-forward 30+ years and Searay has become an Australian market leader in supplying over 5000+ unique, fine jewellery pieces. Still known for their high quality, Italian made chain, Searay now specialises in other various 9k,18k gold and diamond jewellery.

Searay’s rigorous commitment to ensuring the finest quality continues to improve through ongoing reviews and integration of industry leading technologies.